NSure Backup and Recovery

Resilient, secure and compliant offsite cloud backup solution.

NSure Backup and Data Recovery moves your backups from onsite Windows Servers and NAS servers to an offsite backup based in Novus’ UK datacentre, powered by VEEAM backup software.

Through an easy-to-use console, you can view and manage your backups, with added security features and the peace of mind that your data is stored in a Tier 3 UK datacentre with carrier class connectivity.

An offsite, cloud-based backup solution located in Novus’ UK datacentre.

We can help rebuild your IT environment; across data, applications, servers and devices.

Powered by VEEAM software.

NSure Backup and Recovery


Automate the backup process, backing up data more regularly and with the ability to quickly restore data through an intuitive console.


Fixed annual, predictable cost model – not based on monthly variable data usage like other Public Cloud backup solutions.


Adheres to many industry backup compliance regulations and recommendations through our UK datacentre and encryption features.

Download the NSure Backup and Recovery Product Brief for more info.


The risk of onsite backups.

Backing up to an onsite network connected storage device (NAS/SAN/Server) leaves you vulnerable to attackers who can gain access to all backup data through your network.

If an attacker does get access to your network through phishing or malware, there’s nothing to stop a cybercriminal from accessing your backup server and wiping all of your data.

If your backup data is located offsite with an air gap between your onsite backup and offsite backup, then attackers aren’t able to delete backup data through your network. You also can’t be blackmailed by ransomware attacks if you have recent backups of your data to hand.

NSure Backup and Data Recovery, powered by VEEAM, is a managed offsite backup solution, designed to handle the complexities of a hybrid multi-site, multi-cloud environment.

Rebuilding your IT when an outage occurs

Data is one part of the puzzle if your site suffers a cyber attack or outage. How do you rebuild your production environment and get back to business?

Our NSure Rebuild service replicates your IT across servers, applications, data and devices to your site, or we can even rebuild it within Novus’ datacentre.

Backing up your cloud workspaces

Many organisations think their public cloud workspace environments are backed up – because it’s in the cloud, after all. But what if your Office 365 or Google Cloud is compromised and a hacker gets access to your admin login information and deletes all data in your cloud admin console?

Businesses are now waking up to the fact that their Office 365 and Google Cloud environments are vulnerable without the right security and backup systems in place. These platforms will soon become a key target for savvy cyber attackers.

To protect your cloud workspaces and versioning, having a separate backup is imperative and will become increasingly important as more organisations migrate to Office 365 and Google Cloud. NSure Cloud Workspaces delivers this and more. Find out more >>

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